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Point of sale software is a computer program specifically designed for processing financial data immediately at the point of sale.
Today's powerful retail technology can revolutionise your point of sale. User-friendly touch screen displays, fully-integrated EPoS systems and advanced PoS printers, for example, can help to increase competitive edge, improve sales, maximise productivity and enhance the customer experience across all retail and hospitality environments.

Speed and efficiency is everything in your market. Minimal waiting times and speedy transactions are keys. In high-volume sales environments such as supermarkets and discount stores, you need a reliable EPoS system for quick, uninterrupted service. And today's advanced printing technology can meet all your needs from fast receipts featuring your logo to credit card slips and from cheque validation to 2-colour labels for markdowns or promotions. What's more, with new wireless technology you can even add extra checkouts on demand to further enhance your store operation.

Whether you're a small independent shop or a large specialty chain, an EPoS system which complements your environment is very important. A compact, integrated system can enhance the store, save valuable counter-space and provide everything you need to perform fast, efficient transactions. And now with full-colour printing technology you can build brand image and make a real impression with tailor-made vouchers, coupons and receipts your customers will want to keep.

The latest EPoS systems provide everything you need to operate an efficient point of service. Equipped with various features and functionality, there's an EPoS system available to suit your needs - whatever your sector and size of business - from single corner shop to supermarket chain.

For the fastest transactions and ease-of-use, a system with a touch screen is vital. With virtually no training time needed, touch screen interfaces increase sales-throughput, minimise transaction times and improve customer service. Some systems even provide an option for horizontal or vertical screen positioning - allowing you to customise the PoS and tailor it to your specific needs.
Choose a system which complements your environment. If the ambience and appearance of your store is important, a stylish, small-footprint system with in-built cable management for clutter-free PoS would be ideal.


Integrated systems offer an affordable, complete solution with a host of built-in features such as touch screen, thermal receipt printer and Magnetic Stripe Reader. High-performance and convenient, an all-in-one system is very compact - ideal for all retail and hospitality environments including fashion, petrol forecourt and convenience stores. And being fully-integrated they make the most of the available space at the POS.

If flexibility's a priority for your business, a modular system could be the answer. You can separate the touch screen from the processor and lay out your PoS in the way that best suits your needs - ideal if counter space is at a premium. You are free to connect peripherals, such as a printer or customer display, to suit your requirements and budget.

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